Hello my lovely subscribers (as well as those that have not become so yet, didn't want to leave you wonderful people out), welcome to my blog.

My real name is not important; you can call me Salvic. I was born and raised in the valley of the sun, Phoenix Arizona. For those of you that are lucky enough to not know, it's a concrete jungle assaulted by the suns relentless rays. It might as well be an oven cooking up a miasma of cancer inducing fumes. Growing up, the pollution and heat was so bad (still is) that I was not allowed to venture outdoors often. I spent my time, a lonely child lacking siblings, on the net. There I made many friends and a few enemies. There was always something to do, something to learn, something to experience. The net started at my fingertips through the use of touch-pads and screens (antique, I know), and moved to the neural network that it has become. I grew up on the net and I call it my true home to this day.

I have always been interested in the past, not wars or inaugurations; not discoveries, nor accomplishments. Mostly, what interests me is the mental state of people in the past, and even more so, the culture that shaped them. For that, I look not at past events, but rather at things that past minds have sired: their fictional writings. About twenty years ago, a wonderful technology was invented. Virtual Reality was born into a world with bated breath. At the beginning, it was exorbitantly expensive, but over time, like any other new-found technological wonder, it got smaller, cheaper, and more available. Now, although not cheap by any means, many people have a system in their homes

I started by playing with VR. I downloaded nodules of past events; and through them, I explored history. After a while, it got stale to me. The thing that I came to realize is that all of these programs, people created. They were not there, so how could they possibly know what happened at that time save what details that you can find in the international net archives? I decided that I might have well just read the facts than watch them; after all, they were embellished by minds like my own. After thinking over this dilemma, I came to the idea that if I'm going to be experiencing a work of fiction, I might as well glean what experiences I can, not from minds like my own, polluted with technology, and jaded with our own culture, but rather from the authentic minds of that time.

I have been VR commentating for two years now, and have built up quite a lot of followers. I thank you for that. If it were not for people interested in the past, where would our future be? If you are even the slightest bit interested in the evolution of our culture, and the strangeness of that past, be sure to eye over and click that subscription box; you will not be sorry. With that, my lovely subscribers, I am out.

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