Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hey There, Want to Hear a Story?

Hello my lovely subscribers, this is me... or at least I think it is. As usual, it’s time for announcements and questions... always questions... always seeking something which sometimes turns out to be nothing more important than a park bench. SaltyOreo asked me why I choose to blog. Well Salty, I blog because it gives me a connection... or at least I like to think it does, to other people. Granted, it’s pixels on a screen in my mind, talking through data being transferred around the world, but it is some kind of connection nonetheless. Do you know why connections are important? I’ll tell you why connections are important, but first let me tell you what UtopiaDreamer has asked me to do my blog on this time... oh it’s a doozy, you can be sure of that. She asked me this time if I would do a blog on Jersey Shore... you want to know something Utopia? You have some of the worst ideas that I have ever heard... and I have heard many many bad ideas. I’m going to guess that you have an IQ to match theirs? I’m going to guess that your fake tan also matches and that you write to this blog committedly, despite my obvious attempts to dissuade you, because I actually acknowledge your existence, because I actually connect with you in some way rather than feigning disinterest. Connections... I was supposed to tell you about connections... but first I need to tell you a story. That’s why you are here isn’t it, a story?

As usual, I sat down with my drink and snack, I hooked myself up to the VR machine, and I experienced a story. This story was written by Edward Albee, and is called “the zoo story.” The story is about a man talking to another man. Simple yet eloquent in it’s own way. You see, one of the men had everything figured out, the other thought that he did... the poor guy. Jerry, the guy that had everything figured out, knew that connections were key. He didn’t have the best of lives, living in a run down place with assorted neighbors, a disgusting landlady that wanted him in a … let us say, carnal, way, and I truly didn’t have a friend in the world. I will say again for my point’s sake, that he knew that connections were key. What Jerry did not have though, was connections to people. The other man, however, had many connections. He lived a good life with a wife, children, cats and parakeets. The man had connections with his family and doubtlessly he had many a friend to talk to. The thing that this other man did not have was the knowledge that connections were key... are you seeing the theme here? Desperate for connections, I went to the zoo, looking for that spark between humans and animals to study so that Jerry might find that spark between people as well. While at the zoo, I figured out how to get that spark, that connection, so he walked north until he come to the other man, sitting, reading, thinking about nothing as far as I could tell. That is where the connection started you see? The man had his bench and was enjoying his day, oblivious to the blessings of connections that he had. Being a man with such good connections, I asked him if he wanted to know what happened to me at the zoo. I sparked a conversation you see, I sparked a conversation about random things. About the birds, and cats, and dogs and garbage scented landladies. He didn’t understand at first, but I’m sure that in the end, he understood me well enough. If not it’s his loss for I found what I needed in that connection we made. Yes, we made a connection alright. Perhaps it was more physical than I intended, but a connection was made and I know that value of that. Did I ever tell you what I did at the zoo? What I learned? I’ll tell you that later. For now I need to ask you something my ethereal connections. I know that you are no more tangible than the hologram figures that line my bedroom wall, but you are some sort of connections to me. What am I to you? Tell me, I want to understand... I’m afraid that I don’t have much time left...


  1. Interesting Salvic Rodvic. I definitely enjoyed reading this. I would have to find spare time to read "The Zoo Story". Sounds like Jerry had some issues going on coming from a psychological view.

  2. Such an interesting tale you have found my friend. That man might have been on to something about the 'spark'. Though I must ask my friend are you alright?

  3. Interesting way to make connections Salvic. It really makes you think about your own connections and even those you may be unaware that you made. Great work.